At Hensa, we specialise in connecting design agencies with a variety of manufacturers and industries. Through consultation, we source the skills sets and expertise required to provide the solutions for your design needs. Our key market is between Finland and India.



Our design areas

  • Industrial Design 
  • Service Design 
  • Product development 
  • Graphic design
  • Textile and fashion 
  • Retail products
  • 3D printing

About us

Photo: Risto Saukonpaa 2015

We believe that design is the key for investing in tomorrows international marketplace. With our key design areas, we aim to provide solutions to your business needs. At the helm of Hensa is Ms. Sari Niiniluoto; with an M.A. in Creative Business Management and over a decade in experience of working within various design sectors, her know-how in providing solutions for design needs is key when connecting designers and design agencies to industry needs.




Founded by Mr Henrik Saukonpaa, the company started with importing raw hardwood from England and transforming it into manufactured plywood goods supplying the building industry in Finland as well as exporting it to neighboring countries. Fast forward to 2015, whereby Mr Saukonpaa’s grand daughter; Ms. Sari Niiniluoto has renewed the company into its current incarnation.